Turn Up the Heat with FC2!

Get hot & steamy, uninterrupted sex with the pre-lubricated FC2 Female Condom. It’s effective protection against pregnancy and STDs that you can put in before or during foreplay. And your partner doesn’t have to pull out right after he’s done.

FC2 also lets you feel the heat during sex since it’s made of a thin, latex-free material that warms to your body temperature. It’s easy to use, too.

Enhance your sexual pleasure, and spontaneity, with FC2.

Learn important info, including how to use it, below.

Where to Find FC2

Discover FC2 near you. Enter your phone number in the form below to receive a text to find the location closest to you. FC2 is also available for purchase online at Walgreens, Conscious Contraceptives and Drugstore.com.

How to Use the Female Condom

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FC2 Female Condom Important Safety Information

Important Information

  • Natural rubber latex condoms for men are highly effective at preventing sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, if used correctly.
  • If you are not going to use a male natural rubber latex condom, you can use the FC2 Female Condom to help protect yourself and your partner.
  • The FC2 Female Condom only works when you use it. Use it correctly every time you have sex.
  • Before you try the FC2 Female Condom, be sure to read the directions and learn how to use it correctly.

Risks of Using the FC2

Use the FC2 Female Condom correctly every time you have sex. If the FC2 is not used correctly every time, your risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection or becoming pregnant will be higher.

Incorrect use may result in the FC2 not providing protection. To avoid risk of incorrect use, read the instructions carefully prior to use.

Research has shown that the following events are rare but can occur when using the FC2:

  • discomfort during insertion
  • pain after insertion, before sex
  • discomfort during sex
  • burning sensation, rash or itching

Benefits of Using the FC2

  • Using the FC2 during sexual intercourse can help protect against getting a sexually transmitted infection or getting pregnant.
  • The FC2 does not contain natural rubber latex.
  • The FC2 provides women with an option for protection which they can initiate.
  • Women can insert the FC2 ahead of the sex act. This allows for a more spontaneous act because an erection is not needed to insert the FC2.